Help Us to Help Others

Any charity has to receive to be able to give; the Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre is no different. Since 1986 the Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre has been helping and supporting those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Providing Oxygen Therapies and other Supporting Therapies, with counselling and advice and in building a place to meet and socialise, the Trustees, Administration Team and Volunteers at the Centre have worked to change the lives of tens of thousands of people with this long-term incurable condition.

Giving a Donation

All fundraising is important to us as a self-financing charity but single or regular donations from individuals or companies, however small or large, are vital for us to fulfil our commitments. Repairs, renewals, the irregularities of running any organisation all have to be responded to financially. We are proud to have received support from local and national organisations in making some of our more ambitious tasks come to fruition but the giving by individuals is never underestimated by the Centre.

Donations through PayPal

As a Registered UK Charity we are pleased to be a part of the PayPal UK Giving Fund which helps people support their favourite charities, online, rasing funds through PayPal, eBay and other technology platforms. The PayPal Giving Fund is itself a UK Registered Charity and makes no charges to the supported charites.

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If You would like to support and help us with a Donation through the PayPal UK Giving Fund please click here - Thank you.

About Tax Relief on Donations and Gift Aid

Donations by individuals to a charity are tax-free. This is called tax relief. The tax goes to you or the charity. How this works depends on whether you donate: Through Gift Aid. Straight from your wages or pension through a Payroll Giving scheme. Land, property or shares. Or by remembering us in your will. This also applies to sole traders and partnerships. There are different rules for limited companies. Donating through Gift Aid means charities can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It won’t cost you any extra. For more information about how Gift Aid helps us as a charity please go to;

If you would like help us with a Donation, with or without Gift Aid, a form to accompany the donation can be downloaded from here - Thank you.


We have to manage with the help and financial support from the ‘person in the street’ popping a coin in a can plus financial gifts and donations from companies and individuals, who care about the community; and from civic authorities who support charities and organisations like us because they know we care. The Centre also organises fundraising events throughout the year. Although each year more non-MS conditions are being treated with the various Therapies we offer, the Centre still only takes a contribution towards the actual cost; hard work, donations and fundraising efforts allow us to continue. But every year is a battle, costs go up and income gets harder and harder to find. So even if you or others like you only give a little remember every little does actually help.

We are always in need of help from volunteers at our various fundraising events and on our ‘Store Collection Days’. If you have some time available to help us, however short, please do not hesitate to talk to any member of the Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre’s Administration Team who will be more than pleased to discuss the details of what happens at the various events and how you can help us to continue providing our much needed client support.



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